Bracket Buster presented by Kansas First News Sponsored by Glory Days Pizza
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Full Court Bracket Buster sponsored by Glory Days Pizza
Welcome To The $1,000,000
Full Court Bracket Buster 2014 Challenge

Just make your picks for each game of the tournament.

You can pick who you think is going to win each game of the tournament. So, instead of predicting the entire tournament before it happens you get to pick the winner of each game as it goes along.

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Latest Talk

I'm the local winner In Miami. You must call your local radio station that promoted the contest. Find out the person in charge of promotion. Than move fast, because they are not going to contact you. I had too make a few phone calls to find out who was the promoter of the contest.

Local Leaders
Name Location Score
patty KS 308
musil85 KS 292
morgh KS 290
markt KS 284
rich22 KS 282
Local Prizes
* One (1) $25 GDP Gift Certificate Per Month, For Twelve (12) Months!

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